Enko discovers and develops sustainable solutions for farmers to protect their crops from pests and disease. It’s proprietary discovery platform represents a revolutionary approach to rapidly discover novel, safe and economical solutions that are needed to ensure efficient food production. Led by a team of proven scientists, entrepreneurs and ag-industry veterans, Enko uses innovative science and agile design principles to rapidly develop field-ready crop protection solutions that overcome the rising resistance barriers traditional pesticides face.

Enko team members will be entitled to participate in Health, Dental, Vision, Life and Disability Insurance, 401(k) Plan and other similar fringe benefit plans.

See our open positions below, and send your current CV in pdf format to careers@enkochem.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sr Scientist/Principal Scientist, Computational Chemistry

We are looking to add a Computational Chemist to join the Chemistry team. This person will enable the discovery of small molecules for the modulation of novel biological targets for use in the control of agriculturally important weeds and pests.

Major responsibilities will include:

  • Build the computational chemistry project strategy to enhance the advancement of targets from DNA-encoded library hits to candidate compound selection

  • Build the requisite infrastructure to conduct this research, including identifying tools and technologies needed to support and accelerate pipeline development and champion their acquisition or the establishment of collaborations

  • Lead the structure-based drug design (SBDD) efforts utilizing the suite of computational chemistry tools including docking/scoring, molecular dynamics simulations, homology modeling, watermap, and FEP+

  • Collaborate with medicinal chemists and biologists to create a rich and diverse pipeline that will address the company’s goals

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated an ability to apply their expertise in computational chemistry to advance multiple, small molecule discovery campaigns from screening to development candidates. They will have demonstrated the ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced, innovative environment. Excellent written and oral communication skills are required, as is the desire and ability to excel in a multidisciplinary environment both as a leader and member across multiple project teams. As an early addition to the scientific team, this person will have an opportunity to help us establish a culture that nurtures scientific excellence, a sense of urgency to achieve project success, and success built on collaboration and personal accountability.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • D. in Chemistry or a related discipline with 3-5 years of experience in application of computational chemistry to drug or crop protection chemistry discovery

  • Demonstrated expertise in all aspects of modern computational chemistry including receptor- and structure-based design, conformational analysis, molecular dynamics, QSAR, binding free energy calculations and cheminformatics

  • Track record of accomplishment in small molecule discovery and/or molecular modeling fields

  • Demonstration of project leadership and data-driven decision making

  • Excellent written and oral communication

  • Strong background in medicinal chemistry, biology, statistics and computer programming is a plus

Regulatory Toxicologist

We are looking for an experienced Regulatory Toxicologist to join our highly motivated team. The successful candidate will play an integral role in ensuring product safety for consumers, applicators, and the environment.

Major responsibilities will include:

  • Working closely with the Discovery team to design safe and efficacious molecules; Consultants, collaborators, and others identified as instrumental to product discovery and development; and the Enko Scientific Advisory Board, providing timely information for decision making 

  • Incorporating computational tools in the design of molecules. Such tools would include, but are not limited to, structure-activity relationships (OECD Toolbox, etc.), in silico identification of potential human and ecological toxicological issues, molecular docking models, and advanced capability to implement predictive human and environmental modeling

  • Employ and interpret early-phase product safety screening assays to evaluate and select compounds for development. Screening assays will cover both human and environmental risk 

  • Coordinate the development of post-screening de-risking strategies that help lead to the design, selection, and advancement of safe and efficacious compounds

  • Identify optimal Contract Research Organizations and other collaborators for study placement. Coordinate and manage protocol development, study conduct, delivery of data, and interpretation of results

Qualifications and skills:

  • PhD in toxicology, pharmacology, or related field and a minimum of 4 years’ experience working in the field of human and/or ecological toxicology

  • An understanding of and experience with global regulatory data requirements

  • Demonstrated experience in informatics and/or in silico modeling. For example, predictive toxicity software, genomics/transcriptomics, with an emphasis on extracting, compiling, and analyzing complex data sets for building QSAR/machine learning models

  • Experience with designing and placing studies with CROs or other collaborators, with an ability to influence and arbitrate the quick resolution of issues, ensuring on-time delivery of results and reports

  • Ability to work well within a diverse team and to think strategically

  • Effective management of a wide range of tasks, responding in a timely manner and adjusting and reacting quickly to changing priorities in a variety of situations

  • Effective communication (verbal and written) and organizational skills

Scientist, Enzymology & Protein Chemistry

We are looking for a creative and highly skilled protein chemist/enzymologist to join our multidisciplinary team. This scientist will be responsible for designing, validating, and conducting enzymatic/biochemical assays and for supporting the overall activities of the team which may include: molecular biology, protein expression and purification, cell culture, and other related activities.

Major responsibilities will include:

  • Assay development, validation, execution, and data analysis in support of target-based lead optimization programs

  • Design and independent execution of molecular biology and protein chemistry experiments (e.g. molecular cloning, expression, purification)

  • Experimental data record-keeping and analysis in the context of corporate databases and pipelines

  • Effectively managing multiple project flows

  • Team communication in a matrix environment

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated an ability to apply their expertise in conducting enzyme assays in microplate format, will have strong data analysis and interpretation skills, and exhibit stringent attention to detail, and excellent notebook and record-keeping practices. They will effectively work in a team environment, communicating and planning research with other teammates and departments.

Qualifications and skills:

  • Biochemical assay expertise

  • Independent thinking and trouble-shooting abilities

  • General laboratory practical expertise (biochemistry, enzymology, protein chemistry)

  • Protein purification/characterization and/or eukaryotic cell culture

  • Experience with automated/robotic assay technologies, liquid handler programming

  • Robust experience with DNA cloning and bacterial culture

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • PhD in Biochemistry or related field with 3+ years relevant experience or M.Sc. in a relevant field with 5+ years of relevant experience