target-based discovery

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Enko is building large, unique datasets. We leverage physics-based models, advanced data analytics, AI, and machine learning techniques to find the unique attributes of compounds that meet our product safety and sustainability goals.


Our interdisciplinary teams optimize molecules through data-driven multiparameter experimentation. We use cutting edge tools to rapidly tune chemical properties and simulate molecular activity to drive potency, efficacy, and safety.


Enko is building world class biological testing capabilities that span small scale high-throughput testing to large scale field testing networks. These testing capabilities allow us to rapidly interrogate molecular activity and fine tune properties for our desired outcomes.


DNA Encoded Libraries (DEL) are changing the way the drug discovery industry approaches compound discovery and Enko is among the first to bring the approach to the agriculture industry. By using DEL, we are able to screen 100’s of billions of compounds against each of our targets very cost effectively. DEL enables us to have multiple unique starting points for our pipeline.


Enko uses target-based discovery to rapidly identify and discover new compounds. Our deep understanding of plant, insect, and fungal biochemistry enables us to select targets and compounds that are most likely to meet our product goals while minimizing off-target effects. By knowing the target out of the gate, we can quickly achieve potency and selectivity through structure-based design.

enko has the responsibility to invent
safer products for society and the environment

Target Discovery

Target choice designed with selectivity in mind

Counter selection for off-target activity

Early compound screening for efficacy and safety


Optimize field performance in key geographies
Resistance monitoring & busting
Green chemistry – less waste & pollution


Integrated pest management
Farmer training & education
Product Stewardship


Enables better soil health, water use and sustainability
Increases resilience to climate change
Reduces land de-forestation
Reduces stock vulnerability by protecting crop yield